Dance Teachers Federation



The Dance Teachers Federation was formed in 1993.

We provide a comprehensive syllabus covering the main Stage Dance subjects of Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Acrobatic.

Carefully structured to suit the 'once a week' pupil which so many schools have as a majority of their pupils.

Each syllabus provides a graded approach to the subject, from Pre-Primary to Grade 5.

Our syllabus is presented in a format that is both clear and detailed, designed to encouage young teachers with small schools.

Beyond the basic syllabus, we have a Major Examination Syllabus in all the main Stage Dance subjects.

Designed as Teaching Examinations, they provide us with the new schools of the future.

We are an association where the first consideration has always to be the pupils of our members.   Their well being and safety are paramount in the way that we work. 

For more information please contact us:

Telephone 0845 459 9364